Days 21-22: Ahmadabad

July 1st-2nd, 2017

We left Jaipur Saturday afternoon and were expected in Ahmadabad on Sunday night. After staying on the outskirts of Ajmer for the night, the road to Ahmedabad stretched straight for 500 kilometers. This leg of our journey was extremely long and it honestly felt like we would never reach. The highway stretched out in front of us and, as we squinted to see as far as possible, we were only able to see the highway.

Before our visits on Monday, we visited the famous Sabarmati Ashram, where Mahatma Gandhi stayed for 12 years. This was where his revolutionary ideas were concocted and from here, he set off on his Salt March to Dandi Beach in Navsari. The interesting thing about the ashram is that it was built between a jail and a crematorium, as Gandhi believed that a revolutionary would inevitably end up in both places. The government has declared the ashram a national monument because it was where the independence movement was first brewed.

Monday morning, we went to Gandhinagar to visit the Sardar Vallabhai Patel Government High School, where we met Mr. Dinesh Patel, Joint Director for the RMSA and Mr. Prakash Madan, CEO of Model Schools. Among all the “kem cho’s” and “majamas”, students and staff climbed aboard the bus – as they did in every school before – and took their time to leave.

We then met with the Ahmadabad RMSA team to update them about our journey and our initiative, before setting off for Mumbai – our final destination of the Yatra.

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