Days 19-20: From Manali…to Jaipur

June 29th-30th, 2017

We rushed back down India.

More like, we flew down India, and a journey that had taken two weeks from Pune to Ladakh became only a week on the way back. From Manali, we stayed in Sundarnagar for the night, and the next morning, flew past Delhi and made it halfway to Jaipur for the next night.

We were only in Jaipur for the event and for an hour after that. This was an extremely unique school visit because it was to the Anand Seth Anandilal Poddar Institute for Deaf and Dumb. Our visit was carried out in sign language translation, and we were joined by Mr. Naresh Gangwar, the Principal Secretary, Department of Education for the Government of Rajasthan, and Ms. Asha Gupta, the Deputy Director at the Rajasthan Council of Secondary Education Rajasthan.

The students and staff were intrigued by the bus, and the principal noted how this could be of great use to the students, as such skills could provide them with a livelihood, given that many jobs do not cater to deaf and dumb graduates.

After our event, the team set off to old Jaipur to explore and – as is expected when visiting Jaipur – for a bit of shopping.

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